Overseas Jobs for Americans

Many Americans are trying to find jobs overseas, hoping to earn more money and improve their quality of life. Currently, unemployment rates in America are very high. Some Americans want to leave the country for good, whereas others (mostly young people) want to experience other cultures, learn another language and meet new people. Whether you’re looking for a temporary job, or you want to find permanent employment, you will have to be very persistent, patient and well informed.

Getting Ready

You have to start gathering important information about the country where you want to work. It is important to do your research and see what that country has to offer you. There will be other things to take care of, like getting a visa, health insurance, etc.

The process of getting a visa will depend on the country where you want to work. You won’t have any problems with getting a tourist visa, but getting a work permit in some countries can be next to impossible. The EU countries will rather hire their own citizens. There is another problem if you want to work in the European Union: you can’t get a work permit if you don’t have a job – but you can’t get a job there if you don’t have a work permit. If you don’t have a job offer at hand, perhaps you should consider some other destination.

How to Find a Job Overseas

Your resume must provide information on your education, skills, qualifications and work experience. Do not use the same resume for all job applications. Different jobs will require you to modify your resume (and use a different version for each of these job applications).

Do a research on the country where you want to work. What about the language? English-speaking countries may be a good choice for American expatriates. In most of these countries, lifestyle and culture are not much different from what we have in the United States. What about the political stability, economy, major industry sectors and labor laws? Is the country foreigner-friendly? This is very important, especially if you want to work there, earn money or buy real estate. What about the cost of living? If you are moving to a country with high standard of living, you can expect the cost of living to be high as well.

Many people start looking for a job using the Internet. This may be a good idea, but don’t expect everything to go smoothly. What you read on the Internet can be much different from reality. Perhaps you can talk to other people who already live and work in some country. If you have any friends or relatives there, ask them anything you want to know.

You can also hire an agency. There are many recruiting agencies in the United States; however, it is important to find a reputable recruiting company; talk to people who have already used the services of the agency you want to hire.

You can contact several overseas companies directly. However, this method is not considered very successful, because you can’t go to an interview (which is certainly a disadvantage).

You can start looking for a job in some of the U.S. companies that have branches overseas. This will be the easiest way to relocate. The company will provide considerable help, when it comes to paperwork and other things related to your relocation.

The Most Popular Destinations for American Workers

Countries like South Korea, Japan, Singapore and China can offer you great opportunities in the IT and financial sectors. China is a good choice for English teachers.

The Middle East is another popular destination, especially for people who are looking for jobs in construction.

If you are an English teacher, perhaps you can look for a job opportunity in some of the Central American countries. However, these countries are much different from each other, when it comes to quality of life, political stability, prices, job opportunities, health care services, and labor laws and regulations.