Iraq Security Jobs

Some of the security jobs in Iraq carry high risk, which is exactly why the salaries are high. If you are looking for an adventure and you fulfill all the requirements, you can apply for a security job in Iraq.

However, you should know this is not just an adventure. Depending on the type of your job, and its location, you may be at risk of getting hurt, or even killed.

Before you decide where exactly in Iraq you want to work, and what type of security job you want to do, find out as much as possible about the area, the company you will be working for, and potential risks.

Types of Security Jobs in Iraq

Security is a big concern in Iraq. Various job positions related to security are available, including static security specialists, chief expert for security, and security supervisors.

Security instructors and security specialists can both work as training instructors. Other jobs you can apply for are security guards, K9 handlers, intelligence managers, military analysts and program managers.


In most cases, the applicant is required to have some work experience. To work as a military analyst in Iraq, five to ten years’ experience is usually required. The ability to supervise post-conflict situation in a very unstable environment will certainly be an advantage.

Some companies will also require you to have some experience in Special Forces. Other military-related jobs may require experience in intelligence, foreign internal defense (FID), counterinsurgency, conflict stabilization and military operations.

Other Requirements

The candidates applying at the U.S. military or U.S. companies have to be US citizens. The candidates must not have any criminal history.

Mental and physical tests are extremely important. You may be in good physical shape, but your mental strength and stability are equally important.

Where to Find Iraq Jobs

Use the Internet to find out more about different types of jobs in Iraq. You can also find several forums related to this subject and read other people’s experience. This will be very helpful.

You can visit some of the local recruiting companies. This will be the easiest way to get a job. Call them (or mail them) and ask if they can see you for an interview. Don’t forget to bring your resume and certificates (if you have any).

Read the job requirements carefully. Will you be able to do that job? This is something to think about before you apply. Keep in mind that most applicants in the US are trained for 90 days before being sent to Iraq.

It is very important to have all your travel documents ready. If you get the job, you will be given further information on what documents you will need before and during your work in Iraq.