Civilian Contractor Jobs

What is a civilian contractor? Civilian contractors have always played very important roles in military operations. There are many different types of civilian contractor jobs. Most of these jobs are related to providing help and support to military.

Did you know that George Washington’s Continental Army had many civilians who worked in carpentry, engineering, transportation services, health care and food services? This made sense, because no one could expect professional soldiers to do all these jobs, in addition to their regular military duties. Today, the situation is pretty much the same.

Qualified personnel are needed to help the military forces and take care of all those things mentioned above. Contractor jobs can be offered to locals, because these people know a lot about the area. However, civilian contractors can come from the U.S., together with soldiers.

Civilian contractor jobs overseas offer high salaries, and the former military personnel can find good job opportunities. In Iraq, nearly all civilian contractors are from the United States or European Union. They take care of equipment, or they provide other services (health care, for example).

Many private military companies send their teams to help the U.S. military in the danger zone. This type of job is extremely risky (a person’s life is in jeopardy all the time), which is exactly why these jobs offer such high salaries. For example, Special Forces security operators can make more than 1,000 USD daily. Private military companies will always be willing to hire more recruits – as long as the U.S. has any military activity overseas.

Different Types of Civilian Contractor Jobs

There are several types of civilian contractor jobs. Some of these are located in the United States, but most of these jobs are located overseas. In the United States, job openings are frequent because personnel are often overseas. Since important positions cannot be left vacant, they hire civilians.

Defense Contractors

These people collaborate with the military to produce weapons, tanks, fighter jets and other military equipment. They also have connections with the sub-contracting firms. An example is Pratt and Whitney, who are contracted to make the C-17 Globemaster III engines.

Health Care

There are also health care contractor jobs in the military – all kinds of job vacancies – from doctors, nurses to dentists. These contractors also provide care for civilian and military personnel if other doctors are assigned elsewhere. Some of them are assigned tasks abroad.


Since the military employs most of its engineering work force in constructing bases, civilian civil engineers are recruited for housing construction. Aside from homes, civilian engineers and constructors can also be hired to improve the environment settings and build hangars.

The task of making training centers is also often left to non-military companies. Some of the companies and their workers are sent overseas to build embassies and military bases.