Civilian Contractor Jobs Overseas

There are different types of civilian contractor jobs overseas. Civilian contractors are hired to help the military and provide health-care services, technical support, transportation services, etc.

Sometimes, certain types of civilian contractor jobs are offered to locals, because they speak the language and know the area; however, the U.S. usually sends its own citizens to help the military. For example, almost all civilian contractors working in Iraq come from the United States or some of the EU countries.

A civilian contractor job can offer you a high salary, depending on the location (and type of your job). Working in some of the high-risk zones can offer you a very high salary, but the risk is also high. Before you make your final decision, you should find out as much as you can about the area where you will work and potential risks.

How to Find a Civilian Contractor Job Overseas

There are many private military companies in the United States. They recruit people from the U.S. and send them to help the military overseas, in high-risk zones, like Afghanistan and Iraq. These job offers are attractive because they can bring you a lot of money (as much as 1,000 US Dollars daily); if the risk is high, the salary will also be high. Special Forces security operators have high salaries, but they are exposed to high risk all the time.

For more information on different types of civilian contractor jobs overseas, you can contact some of the private military agencies in the United States.

The highest demand for civilian contractors is in the areas where there’s U.S. military presence. If you have experience in military or security-related jobs, and you are capable of working in an unstable environment (war zones), you can apply for some of these jobs.

Health care services, technical support, and transportation services are also needed in these areas. You don’t have to be a professional soldier to get a job. However, you will still have to undergo a series of tests and evaluations. Recruiting companies always put their candidates to all kinds of tests.

There are different locations, and not all of them are extremely risky. Before you apply for a job, see where it is located and learn more about the area.

You will have to fulfill certain requirements. Most companies will expect you to have several years of experience in military, intelligence or law enforcement. You will have to provide relevant documents to prove your previous work experience. You have to be a citizen of the United States, older than 20 (and younger than 55).